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Praise for “The Colony”

Fred Colton

Colony Pic

My first book, the lunar action-thriller The Colony, has been out for about a month. Here’s what the reviews are saying:

“Magical… by remixing just twenty-six different black ‘letters’ on a white page in multiple variations, Fred Colton has created a story that you can actually see inside your head.”

-Janet Maslin, New York Times

“Impeccable. To research The Colony, Fred Colton flew to the moon over a dozen times and spent thousands of hours hiking the lunar surface. He also lived on a diet of dehydrated space food for three full years and this dedication is evident on the page.”

–Barry M. Smith, top 500 reviewer.

“Colton cranks the tension in his action scenes tighter than a trampoline, or a cat’s asshole.”

–Stephen W. Howland, Kirkus Reviews

“My name is Ryan and I’m an alcoholic. The Colony is the reason I stopped drinking. What happened was…

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