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My Study Playlist :

The HardKnock Diaries

As promised, I am back with another college related post. With the semester officially in full swing, I must find ways to improve my study patterns and perfect my overall study environment.

To study, I enjoy using the Songza app because of it’s amazing variety of music genres to choose from. My favorite category to listen to is the “Today’s Indie R&B Unwind”.


I hope this playlist will encourage you to expand your musical interests and expand your tastes beyond the standard songs played on the radio a million times a day. (Don’t we all grow tired of them?)

Note: These songs are songs with lyrics for when I am studying content that does not require reading or memorization. For example, I will listen to these songs when I am in my first stage of studying such as retaking notes or skimming. Stay tuned for my ideal study list containing…

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