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Maybelline Colour Sensational Creamy Mattes Lipstick Review ♡

I am a lip product hoarder, but I couldn’t pass up these lipsticks, the colour selection appealed to me and I love creamy matte formulas so they hopped into my shopping basket. I got the two colours I liked the most which were Craving Coral and Divine Wine, the first being an orangey red colour and the latter being a burgundy deep red.

On first impression the formula of these are creamy, non-dragging on the lips and comfortable to wear. Application is easy and the coverage is even all over the lips with both shades. I’m also impressed with the staying power and how non-drying it is after an hour or so of wearing, the colour wasn’t lost even after drinking. They do however come off if you touch your lips so you’d have to be careful to not smudge them.

Craving Coral

I picked polar opposite shades, one is a spring/summer…

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    • I’m currently exploring lipsticks. I’m very excited after reading the review! I’m glad to hear you like the review. You can check out more like this on

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