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Dougie asked where I was. Twice. – 17th January 1998

If Destroyed Still True

Saturday 17thI phoned Emma this morning. I wasn’t as bothered about it as I was last night so I thought I’d give her a chance to explain. Plus I was bored! She said she thought I knew she was going. She told me what had happened and said I hadn’t missed much except they all nearly got twatted in McDonald’s by these lads causing trouble.

She also said Dougie asked where I was. Twice. The 1st time, he said, “Why hasn’t Tess come?” Emma told him I couldn’t be bothered and the 2nd time he said, “Where’s Tess again?”

She then told me he said I was “quite quiet really” and that Ed agreed with him. Bastards! [I don’t know why I was always so offended at being called quiet. I was.] She said to them that I wasn’t and they just didn’t know me properly…

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