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Day Seventy-Two and -Three: Porto Character

Chasing James

Porto, our final stop in Portugal would prove to be a gem. From port tasting (naturally) to cruising the Rio Douro, Porto enchanted us with its beautiful bridges, old buildings (naturally) and colorful streets.

We left Lisbon, and along with it some good friends made on the tour. Our first destination of the day was Sintra, a fairy-tale town with stunning palaces and manors surrounded by the beautiful surrounding countryside. We had the option of visiting some of the palaces but we decided to go to the nearby, cheap Quinta da Regaleira (best life decision ever). This neo-Manueline (yes that’s an architectural style) manor and it’s amazingly mystical gardens was a highlight of the trip. Our favourite part was exploring the gardens with their hidden fountains, caves and tunnels, but most of all, the initiation well, Poço Iniciáto, for which this town is most famous for. A beautiful town (unfortunately…

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