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“Both of them wanna go out with you” – 18th January 1998

If Destroyed Still True

Sunday 18thWell, only 4 of us ended up going to Bolton Water Place today. Sarah, Lizzie, Emma and I. We all met up at Emma’s and were going to get the bus. I got to the bus stop and realised I didn’t have enough change so I left the other 3 and ran home. Luckily there was someone in  and my mum ended up taking us all.

It was quite busy at the Water Place and we kept seeing lookalikes. We thought we saw Will Fernley, Ralph, Neil Kennedy, Jez and Cleggy (Tim Clegg). They weren’t, they just looked like them.

As soon as we got in the water. We saw 3 lads looking at us from the pool higher up. We thought we’d go up and see. One of ‘em was the Cleggy lookalike, only nicer. There was a little one who looked like Colin McKay (a…

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