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Which Social Media Are You?


What if we were social networks, who would you be? | Photo by Ads of the World. Vanichi Magazine: What if guys were social networks? Who would YOU be? | Photo by Ads of the World.

Like my husband said to me last night, social media exploded onto the scene of the World Wide Web just when youngsters of the latest Net Generation were born. This only means that those born after the Generation X or Y will be very well-read with smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers, and all other things tech-related.

Is this how our world is moving towards in the near future? Do you like what you’re seeing now? Kids having meals with their families but instead of sharing a heart-to-heart conversation, their faces are glued to the small rectangular screens, hastily typing out a message to their friends before their tiger mothers and disciplinarian fathers bark orders to them to put their tech toys away.

I was like that once upon a time…

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