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Lemme Tell You Some Things about White Frat Boys …

Black Millennials

Trigger Warning: Sexual assault, rape, rape culture, white “men.”

I went to a predominately white school in a predominately white town, so of course I had some run-ins with white frat boys.

When I saw this disturbing article about white frat boys who hung banners drenched in rape culture and patriarchal sexual entitlement during Welcome Week, old memories of rapacious, predatory behavior came to mind.

There was that one time when a white frat guy tried to “coax” me into his bed, while I tried to get my intoxicated friend home. There was the other time when a cowardly white frat guy I had a one-off with, made crude gestures while my back was turned to the amusement of his frat friends.

The white frat guys I’ve encountered weren’t just entitled assholes with small penises, insecurity issues, and weak strokes — they were misogynoristic pigs who disrespected women (Black women especially) to a such a bloodcurdling…

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