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Lash-Eyed Beauty | Melissa Marca


Hi, my name is Melissa and I am a mascara-holic. (Cue “Hi, Melissa” from the audience). I am a 25-year old girl living in Southern California and I have an bad addiction with makeup, Del Taco, and dogs. I don’t like long walks on the beach, I’d actually prefer a nice drive parallel to the beach. I think everything tastes better with ranch dressing. I’m at that pivotal point in life where I’m just trying to “do me”, while still figuring out who “me” is.

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Life, Humor, Fashion & Beauty, Inspiration, 90s

My blog gives tips and insights on beauty and lifestyle from a girl who is still trying to figure out the world (but really really loves makeup). My makeup and (embarrassing) life experiences make for your laughter, education, and entertainment. I hope to boost other’s  potential and confidence with my blog. I know I’m not going to be an overnight sensation or maybe even an over-year sensation, but since we all to start somewhere, I would love if people started here!


What is your favorite classic Disney movie?
Hands down, Lion King. There’s no question. You got drama, humor, action, and romance all in one amazing movie with some super cool lions. Do I even need to mention a killer soundtrack? The “Circle of Life” is my alarm in the morning.

What’s your favorite 80s or 90s memory?
One word: TAMAGOTCHI. Those bad boys were literally my everything. I would be making sure my Tamagotchi was well fed and I always cleaned up their poop. I would act like a proud mom when they would grow to be adults. Once, I lost one by leaving it in a public restroom and it was probably one of the most devastating, defining moments in my life. How could I have abandoned my Tamagotchi? It depended on me and I just left him in the bathroom. I cried for a couple days over it. The next week, I got a new one

What age do you feel right now?
My age varies on a daily basis. In real life, I am 25 (ugh), but in the mornings at work I feel like a 64 year-old man waiting for retirement. During my days off I feel like I’m 35 because I’m running errands all the time. My weekend nights I feel like a 30 year-old because I cannot keep up with these 21 year-olds doing body shots and throwing up in the bathrooms. Plus, the music is way too loud. I count the minutes till bedtime (10 pm). I guess I pretty much am acting like your average 25 year-old—totally confused about life.


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