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Catfish Style


In the past two weeks, I’ve had at least two of my friends mention online dating. Either they were encouraged to do it by someone else or they knew people who were already 40 profiles deep into a Catfish episode. Now, I don’t mean to diss anyone who might have found love in a hopeless place, but honestly, what has our generation come to? When people can only meet through virtual reality and text messaging apps, you have to ask the question.


I realize that times are changing and the world is growing even more technologically based. Almost everything we do and see is electronic, but what happened to good old fashion face-to-face communication? Call me ole skool, but I don’t think that you can actually ever really know a person until you spend quality time with them…in person.


See this is the root of the problem. You talk to a guy/girl for months online and you fall for the idea of the person they have created – the person they want you to believe they are. But let’s be clear, it’s not real. Please don’t believe them. I’ll say it again…Do Not Believe Them. The sad part is that even though I’m giving you such pearls of wisdom, there will still be another season of Catfish waiting for me when I get home. And, yes, I will be watching. Don’t get me wrong, I like Nev and Max and I wish them all of the success in the world but, people, we’ve got to do better.


It’s not like you’re meeting these people on an official dating site. Oh no! Why would you do that when Facebook is free? So good luck eHarmony with your official tests and scores that strategically match fictitiously doctored profiles. You’ve been replaced by Instagram DMs and FB Messenger, where Instagram models can show off their new lingerie and pretend it’s swimwear, where every guy can flex his biceps and call himself a personal trainer, and where nobody reveals who they really are because we all know that’s a picture not worth taking.

Balls&BootyBouncing   %22PersonalTrainer%22

Maybe I’m a cynic (call me Ron Swanson) but I think we all stand a better chance at developing lasting relationships if we don’t forget the personal.


It’s the little nuances that you begin to see and know about a person that makes them so special to you – the way they laugh or the glint in their eyes when they’re being mischievous. These are the things you miss out on when you only date online.


It just takes patience to wait until you find the right someone for you. But, how can we get a right-now generation to see that love is not something you can reheat in a microwave for 30 seconds and call it the real thing?


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