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7 Reasons Why Gen-Y Can’t Save $$


I am almost convinced that my dad either has 3 bank accounts spread across the world, a side job that no one knows about – *queue in detective mode, mum*, or a magical power that allows him to save every penny he earns, and still ALWAYS find a way to make ends meet, financially.

So often, when I am sitting in the living room during our ritual ‘family hour’ at 8:30pm every night, my dad will turn around and ask me, “How much money have you saved in your bank account?”

Why do you ask, old man? Why do you ask, old man?

IT’S A TRICK QUESTION, DON’T FALL FOR IT, I tell myself. Why does he care so much about my financial situation? Being the suspicious person I am (I’m not – as a matter of fact, I am wayyy too trusting), I went to the bank to ask whether my dad had access to…

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