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Mac and Cheese… with a Twist


Summer months are great for seafood. I especially love lobster. Usually my parents will cooked it Cantonese style and sometimes just plain steaming it to retain the pure and fresh meat. But it’s good to switch things up once in a while and do a lobster salad or something. I was over at H’s a bit back for a fantastic meal and one of the many great dishes she made was her famous lobster mac and cheese.

Whenever I see lobster mac and cheese on a menu, I am always tempted to order it. But I usually don’t because I have always been disappointed during the times I do order it. Most places usually skimp on the lobster or the lobster isn’t properly cooked or the pasta is too undercooked or overcooked.

H has the magic touch though because her LMC is pretty darn close to perfection. And she has…

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