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Day: Going to the loo is squat I don’t need right now…

I know I said that I wouldn’t begin my health kick until after the Bank Holiday, but turns out the urge beat me! Yesterday morning I managed to roll my wide load out of my comfy bed, to embark upon a 50 minute power walk (YES – 50 MINUTES! Admittedly I did not think the chosen route would take that long, but in true Snacks style, I didn’t give up. Never. Give. Up). I then followed this long walk in the drizzling rain (yeah, I know – even the weather tried to put me off)  and lifted weights, maybe throwing in a few weighted squats and lunges, oh and finishing off by punching the face of a few boxing pads. It was more than satisfying – when in doubt, or stressed, or wanting to let off steam… PUNCH SOMETHING. HARD.

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