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Fabulous holiday in Santorini where I did a few sketches. Now I’m back home I’ve been using photos.


This is a pen and watercolour sketch.


I drew this using a blue pencil and then used ink over the top. The bright yellow in the background is watercolour pencil.

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  1. Ah, yes, I think I saw that tower…or were there more than one like that? My first impression of the white village of Fira was…this is like Tatooine from Star Wars; except it’s white. Very oddly crowded streets with exotic homes you just wanted to explore by hopping from roof to wall and pool to beach. I enjoyed the cable car ride. I will try a donkey next time. The people were nice, too. I even enjoyed the white wine and tomato snacks. There was one goooorgeous woman there I wish I would have had the nerve to speak with.

    Where exactly is that first drawing/painting from? I am not sure where Red Beach is.


    • Thanks for commenting on the G.U.M site! These are definitely some great pictures. The artist can answer all of your questions on


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