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Gossip Girl vs. The O.C.

I did it. After four years of dedicated worship of The O.C., I got it together to watch its younger sister Gossip Girl. Despite Gossip Girl’s original status as a novel, it is impossible to not draw comparisons between the two Josh Schwartz shows. I I tried to seek out articles comparing the two, but I found that overwhelmingly viewers are in favour of GG, mainly due to their hatred of the fourth season of The O.C. – but I love it. I think it is a triumph in campy ultra-meta TV-making. If anyone else agreed, maybe it wouldn’t have been cut off so swiftly. I know I am not the first to write this article, nor the last, but as resident expert on The O.C. I had to weigh in.

The spoiler for this article is that nobody wins. Both shows have their strengths and misgivings, depending on what…

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