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Why I’m Not Breaking the News to My Parents Just Yet…


As in, I was approved of requested time off from work, but I haven’t told my parents.

At least not yet, why?

Because, they tend to over worry and ask too many questions. Case and point, why is it okay for me to go a State over, but not okay for me to hop on a plane and go further, into another continent? Even if its just for a few days? Even if I have the resources and capabilities to do so?

It is as if parents have this built in alarm that gives off paranoia – or, you know, maybe I’m just sheltered and overprotected. Or maybe they think a cross-continental trip will cost a lot of money and I’m not being ‘wise’? Or is it because they don’t believe in me crashing with my friends and all the shenanigans I’ll get up to with said friends?

Well, these…

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