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Day Fifty-Two to -Five: Val di Sole 

Chasing James

Since Salzburg on Sunday I have gone back to Innsbruck where I met up with my dads friend to go to Val di Sole in Italy for the UCI Mountain Bike World Champs. So here I am, in Italy, getting to see the best riders in the world go at it this weekend.

So from the beginning.

Having spent a night in Salzburg I was satisfied with what I had seen (it’s smaller than it might look and super super touristy with the whole sound of music thing going on) and decided that moving on was needed. Furthermore it was raining. So after organizing my lift to Val di Sole I booked a train back to Innsbruck where I would stay in the same hostel as last week. In Innsbruck not much happened (I had already stayed there for four nights so I had been there done that already. It…

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