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How To Successfully Use a Whole Chicken

The Farm on the Hill

How to Break Down a Chicken Picture used from Kitchenaid

Since my parents’ meat processing plant burnt down (read about it here) and I’ve started staying home, I’ve been buying whole chickens at the grocery instead of just buying chicken breasts.  It is much cheaper and I get so much use out of one chicken!  For my area, it is in the $6 range for a whole chicken.  I have started to look for a local farmer that raises meat chickens so that I can know what is being fed to the chicken I’m eating and so that I can support my local agriculture.  I don’t know what that will do to the price, but as long as it is an obscene amount more, I think it is important to eat local when possible.  We vote with our dollars on what we want produced, and I think that putting money back in to local agriculture is…

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