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Communism Through the Eyes of a Cuban: My Interactions With Cuban Natives

TRVL 101

Anyone who knows my Grandpa and I well know that we are very curious individuals. We ask a lot of questions; enough to annoy someone. Our tendencies did not cease during our recent trip to Havana, Cuba.

As many of you know, Cuba is the forbidden fruit of the United States. With the trade embargo still (temporarily) in place, getting to Cuba is no easy task. Americans don’t know much about Cuba, and many of us have never been to a true communist country. This is where our curiosity kicked in.

We conversed with numerous Cubans, most of them cab drivers and restaurant waiters. Some questions were fair game, some may have been a little too much, but we wanted that information. Everything below is first hand from Cubans themselves.

Everything Is Owned by the State IMG_3704

Imagine having almost no personal possessions. Everything you do on a daily basis is provided…

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