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Mac & No Cheese!

HI Everyone,

Ever since I have gone Vegan.. people really love to tell me what I am missing out on! haha .. and One thing everyone tells me I am missing out on being Vegan is Mac & Cheese…


well guess what… I have a healthier version of this dish and you can enjoy it too… without the guilt 🙂

this is so delicious you will be addicted 🙂

so here we go!


– Gluten Free, Sodium Free Penne Pasts ( mine are made with brown riceRice for a healthier meal) you can use your regular mac & Cheese noodles if you like… but these are much healthier 🙂

– 1/4 Cauliflower head

– 2 TBS mined Garlic

– Half a cup non-dairy Milk ( almond, coconut or rice… I used Rice here)

– 1 Green Onion, finely chopped on top.

– A pinch of pepper.

– Juice from…

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