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Heart of a Traveller | Eline Jeanne

11058222_10152881615855780_7818772225133176926_n (1)My name is Eline, and if I were to use 10 words to describe myself, they would be: traveller, writer, vegan, anxiety sufferer, TCK, athlete, reader, photographer, opinionated, and nature-lover.

Heart of a TravellerMusings about a little bit of everything
Categories: Life, Food & Culture, Travel, and Inspiration

I would say that I write about three main topics: travel, veganism, and general rambles (that a very broad one!). I would say that my main purpose is to inspire; whether this is inspiring people to travel more, try out veganism, or just feel more comfortable in your own skin. Moreover, maybe a bit selfishly, my blog is for me. I occasionally post long ramble-y posts when I feel like I need to clear my mind on something, and I don’t have a better platform to do it on than my blog. I express myself best through words, and so writing blogposts is almost like a sort of therapy for me. It is a way I figure things out, encourage myself, and express myself.

As for my end goal, I don’t really think I have one. I hope that I can motivate myself to always keep posting on my blog, no matter where life takes me. I also hope to be able to interact more with other likeminded readers and bloggers, because I think that the possibilities for this online are endless.

Where is your favorite place to go on a weekday afternoon when you have no plans?
I can’t choose between the beach and the forest, so I’m going to say that depending on where in the world I am, one of those two. I feel happiest and most at peace in nature, and the beach and forest are my top two favourites. I could spend hours reading a book on the beach, or hiking through the forest, and it’s how I spend a lot of my free time. I always make sure to have my phone on “night” mode and have no other technology with me, for a more pure connection with nature and myself.

Where’s your favorite place to blog?
Honestly, in my bed late at night. For some reason, I feel most inspired to write late at night, when I’m about to go to sleep. Often I am already halfway to sleep when my mind all of a sudden comes up with a topic that I HAVE to write about that instant. This results in me being huddled in bed and typing away on my laptop.

What trajectory are you hoping to push yourself onto? Where do you want to head?
Ultimately, I would like to combine my love for writing, travel, and vegan food into a job. How exactly I am going to do this I’m not too sure yet (maybe a “vegan food around the world” book/magazine?), but if I manage to do so, I know I would wake up everyday happy because I am doing something that I love. I ultimately want to head to pure happiness, and I plan to do everything in my power to achieve it. I know that I won’t be happy in a traditional job, and so am always pushing myself in order to avoid working one.

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