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My Secrets to Healthy, Beautiful & Glowing Skin!

HI Everyone,

Today I wanted to share with you my secrets to a healthy, beautiful and Glowing skin 🙂 I used to have pretty dull skin… for a couple of years, in fact anyone who saw me said I looked ” tired” or “sick” or stressed… and that always hurt my feelings, because I was non of those things! haha


sure I was sad sometimes… or some days I felt like I was tired but this was Every freakin day!!!

it wasn’t till I saw a picture of myself that I realized I really did look all of those things! and I think it really did affect my mood and overall mannerisms! and pretty much lowering my self esteem about myself…

I didn’t want to look that way obviously.. and I started researching and experimenting with things to do to achieve that healthy and Glow like look ( without makeup)

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