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Everything You Need To Know To Write The Perfect Twitter Bio

Writing a good Twitter bio (and perfecting social media, itself ) is an art form. It’s taken myself many months of trial and error as well as extensive research. You have 160 characters and less than 60 milliseconds to sell yourself to strangers.The images shown are the current look of the Young & Twenty Twitter page. I hope they can prove to be of visual help. Stay tuned for more posts on what I’ve learned about Twitter but for now, take a look at the list I compiled of everything you need to know to write the perfect Twitter bio.

1. A Good Picture

Your profile picture should be a photo that includes your face, or at the very least, your back, side or I’ve even once used my legs. There’s no denying that people relate better to humans and faces more than Internet graphics and pixelated logo’s, but it’s obviously not everyone’s intention to put their identity out there. If you insist on your keeping your anonymity, try creating a virtual character of yourself, or invest time into making sure your logo is captivating and clear.

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