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I am…
A recovering introvert trying to do better.
Smart, funny, and observant.
Trying not to get too political, but it is getting increasingly
A girly girl with natural hair.
God, family, friends and shopping.
A NY Giant in Eagle country.


Dionna Camille

Life (random and all encompassing)

I started this blog as a way to face my fear. I wanted to start a blog for most of my young adult life, but hadn’t until this year. Starting a blog was a requirement for one of the graduate certificate courses I was taking a few months ago. I knew this was as good a time as any to face my fear and start building a content presence online. I’ve always been a writer (mostly poetry), but never shared anything publicly fearing no one would read it.

My hope is that I can continue to share fun, smart, provocative posts with anyone willing to read. I would like for this blog to be a gateway to creating content professionally (I have a communications media degree that I would like to put to use…eventually. Cc: Sallie Mae).


What’s the most random thing you’ve watched all the way through on Netflix?
While getting my hair done one Saturday, my friend told me about a TV series from the UK called Black Mirror. After watching one episode, I was hooked. The show depicts many of the things in society that can potentially ruin it (technology, over sharing on social media, taking picture/filming EVERYTHING etc.). The show is on the darker side, but very entertaining and insightful. Each episode makes you take a closer look at things that have become so common place.

What is your favorite classic Disney movie?
ALADDIN! My Disney movie collection is pretty extensive, but it’s safe to say, “They don’t make ‘em like they used to” and Aladdin is untouchable. I was Princess Jasmine for Halloween three years in a row. Everything appealed to me, the colors, the mystique, Genie (RIP Robin Williams) and of course, THE SONGS.

What is your favorite 80s or 90s memory?
As an 80s baby, most of my fondest memories are from the 90s. The music: hip hop, R&B, and even pop were so much better (queue Biggie Jay-z and Nas, Brandy, Aaliyah, Christina Aguilera, and NSYNC…..One direction who?!). Songs were raw, fun and relatable.

TV Shows: I pity the generation that has no idea what TGIF on ABC was. From family Matters and Full House to Dinosaurs and Boy meets world. Fresh Prince of Bel Air, the Cosbys and Martin, Saved By the Bell, City Guys and Sweet Valley High. Power Rangers and Doug to Salute your shorts and Wild and Crazy Kids. TV was golden as a child of the 90s and aside from it being an all-around simpler time, to be a kid in the 90s was the best.

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