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O So Vogue | Kat Sladic


Hi! My name is Kat Sladic and I made this blog to inspire and help people out all over the world by giving simple and easy tips about beauty and fashion, to get yourself looking great, fuss-free.  I also wanted to share some of my lifestyle, which includes staying healthy, recipe ideas and places I’ve traveled! As it’s been described before, O so Vogue has a bit of everything for everyone!


fashion, lifestyle, and beauty

My blog is for all ages and has a bit of everything for anyone! One of my goals is to start taking more of my own pictures because lately I’ve been taking lots from Google. I’d also like to start doing  more ootd post to show my personal style.


What is your weirdest scar and how did you get it?

The weirdest scar I have is burn mark that looks like a banana and is on my arm. When I tell people how I got it, they often laugh at me because of how smart I was! One of my friends was over at my house and I had completely forgotten that I had to iron the clothes that I was supposed to wear the next day, so I decided I would just iron my clothes while my friend was over. Anyways, we were online shopping and I wanted to point something out to my friend, of course I was too lazy to move the iron so I leaned over it and the tip of it burnt my arm. Since it didn’t hurt that much I didn’t run it  under water or put any cream on it, so that just made it worse!

How did you meet your best friend?

My best friend and I have actually known each other our whole lives! Our moms were friends before we were born so when they would see each other they would always bring us to have a playdate and I guess we just got along well. It’s strange though how it worked out, our moms  had an argument a few years ago, and the thing that brought them back together was my best friends and my friendship. If it weren’t for them we wouldn’t be friends and if it weren’t for us they wouldn’t be friends, it’s strange how the world works, eh?

What’s your most bizarre talent?

I’m double jointed in my elbows and shoulders, so sometimes when I think my hands are in a normal resting position it turns out that they are positioned really strangely and it really freaks people out for some reason! It’s so fun to see people’s reactions to how I do some things, for example when  I do pushups, my arms look all twisted, or if I hold my arm out and hold a weight, my forearm will dislocate from the upper part of my arm and it looks like my arm is broken, I guess I can see why it freaks some people out! Hahaha. I can also do a few tricks made for double jointed people, I always get great reactions from those tricks!

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