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“Why Fat Girls Shouldn’t Wear Bikinis”

Yesterday I came across a video by model Loey Lane. On May 15, 2015 she posted a video on her YouTube channel about the reasons people express their disdain for plus size women in bikinis. You can see the video here:

I always find fat shaming to be a very interesting topic. I have to say, I don’t disagree with Loey. No one should be made to feel a certain way because of what they are wearing or how someone else feels about their body. We definitely live in a country full of people that feel it is their duty to shove their opinion down the throats of their opposers.

When I was in high school, I recall having a conversation with my brother that went a bit like this:

Him – Dude fate people are disgusting.

Me – I can’t believe you said that. *laughter and shock* That’s so disrespectful.

Him – It’s true.

Me – That’s your opinion.

Him – *Laughing* No. That’s everyone’s opinion.

Given that my brother can be an asshole, I figured it was just him (and other assholes) who felt this way. Then I went to school the next day and somehow the topic came up in my anatomy class. I think I may have brought it up because it pertained to the topic of discussion. All I remember is pretty much everyone in the class agreed. There were quite a few outbursts of how “fat people are disgusting,” followed by laughter.

Granted, that was high school. Years later I’m very curious as to whether this is a popular opinion amongst young adults; specifically those that are beyond college undergraduate age. As for me, typically I become genuinely concerned if I see someone who is morbidly obese. Disgust doesn’t usually come to mind. If the person isn’t morbidly obese but they aren’t fit, I figure our health is probably about the same.

Anyone brave enough to share their opinion?

Check out more on Loey Lane’s YouTube Channel here.


  1. Having gone from one of those “fat girls” to someone that is now a healthy weight, fat shaming always upsets me. People say there is no excuse for it, well I was depressed and suicidal after bad things happened to me. So I stayed inside and I ate constantly. Everyone used to point and laugh. Until I met my partner and starting to overcome my depression, and with it I started losing weight and exercising and eating healthier. People are so much nicer to me now, and I definitely get more attention. But it still makes me so angry that people just put down those who are overweight, sometimes they can’t help it or have good reasons. We should be encouraging everyone to be HEALTHY, and some people are naturally thin and some are naturally curvy but as long as they’re healthy it shouldn’t matter.


    • Well said. I have multiple relatives who have battled weight issues. As a post grad I can understand how easy it can be to gain weight. Many don’t realize that NOT FREQUENTLY EATING can be a large reason someone gains weight. My brother’s still insensitive, but (ironically) he’s starting to gain quite a bit of weight. Karma?

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