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Hello Lavender


I’m a 21 year old girl from the UK who likes to blog about predominantly beauty, I study creative advertising and I like the idea of sharing the word about products I like. I am a firm believer in positivity and always carrying a lipstick.


I started my blog because I realized I have a passion for beauty, writing, skincare and photography and it made sense to mix all those loves together to make a blog. In the future I wish to continue to connect with the blogging world, to socialise with more bloggers and to hopefully give good advice or help to someone out there!



What is something you’ve always wanted to try but have been too scared to?
I’ve always wanted to make a spontaneous trip abroad, to pack a small bag and get a plane to Spain for example, an impromptu trip sounds like the most exciting thing to me, but it obviously takes planning and funds, which I often lack.

What is your favorite classic Disney movie?
I had too many favourites but my most favourite is probably Lady and the Tramp, I think at the time I liked it mainly because the main characters were dogs and I loved animals, but when you look back on it the storyline was pretty cute. Re-watching Disney movies as an adult really changes their interpretations.

What’s your most bizarre talent?
My bizarre talent is that I can make myself cry, not a full on sob but I can tear up easily, I’ve never used it to my advantage though.

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