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Reverse Retrograde | Coleen Monroe-Knight

Coleen Monroe is a Colorado native who has left a trail of new homes for herself around the world. The international is now a permanent fixture in her life. Her latest travel adventures took her to Stonehenge, Scotland, Boulder, and Iceland. The year 2015  continues with a move to Shanghai, People’s Republic of China. Follow her blog for photography, travel, TEFL, and DIY. You can also find her on Twitter.

Reverse Retrograde
Travel. DIY. TEFL. International Living.


This blog is a chronicle of the adventures of a twenty-something in the 21st century. The author is originally from the US, but has made a lifestyle out of living on a different continent each year. Reverse Retrograde focuses on travel, TEFL, photography, and DIY. It’s a self-portrait in progress, a step toward the future in the form of the mundane.


What is your weirdest scar and how did you get it?
I have three parallel, square gouge marks on my left knee where the escalator at Chancery Lane Station in London bit me. Just before Christmas last year, I managed to fall up the escalator. Through my tights (which incidentally weren’t even ripped), the metal teeth got me. It took about three weeks to help because of the ragged edges.

What kind of phone was your first cell phone?
A slick, silver Nokia Brick with a black and white screen and (gasp!) SMS function. Incidentally, more than ten years later I now have a Nokia Brick  with no WeChat or camera, and no Facebook. But it has a colour screen!

If you could have personally witness anything, what would you want to have seen?
There’s so much history that we don’t actually know about. I’d quite like to randomly witness the first writing that ever took place in human history, wherever that was. To know things that are now unknowable, that would be the point of time travel to me.

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