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What It’s (REALLY) Like to Crowdfund

Originally posted on The Motivated Millennial:

I’m really good at crowdfunding (for other people). My current success rate for my clients is 100%; a homerun stat encompassing projects in a variety of industries and stage of development. I’ve written multiple articles advising fellow entrepreneurs on how to pitch the “perfect” campaign including, “5 Tips for a Successful Crowdfund Campaign” (YFS Magazine, 2014) and “3 Reasons Every Startup Should Crowdfund” (The Rouse, 2014).

Up until last month, crowdfunding was the only marketing service I offer that I had not applied in my own businesses.  Social media, public relations, start-up marketing, grand openings, company rebrands were all skills I first experienced within my own investments; crowdfunding just followed as a well-rewarded necessity.  I’ve learned a lot running a crowdfund for my own business, and have newfound respect for my crowdfunded clients who stuck out the agonizing weeks of a campaign.

Here are four “beyond the textbook”, “walk a mile in their shoes”, “revelations” I had crowdfunding for my business:

Laymen’s Terms Please!

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