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How to Survive the Drive-In, and a video


Four adults, three kids, one baby and a drive-in. The odyssey.


So we live a lovely 40 minute drive from the Star Light Drive-In movie theatre here in the fantastic Okanagan, and last night the double feature was Minions and Jurassic World! Gates open at 7:00 pm and the first movie begins at dusk (which was about 10 after 9:00pm). The thing is, you need to get there before the gates open if you want any chance of getting your top pick of a parking spot. We opted for 6:30, which in retrospect should have been even earlier as it was opening night for Minions… and a friday. Needless to say we DID NOT get the coveted “balcony” parking, which is up on the hill where no one can park directly in front of you AND you are also parked beside the outdoor speakers, making for prime outside sitting. No…

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