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Adultier Adult

Peace Joy Love Yoga

Chances are you probably already have seen the joke that has been circulating the social networks about finding an adultier adult. If not here it is: Adulting

It’s hilarious because it’s true, but in a way it’s really kind of scary. Maybe every generation transitioning from child to adult feels this way. Maybe the only reason we see it now is because we take comfort in being anonymously vulnerable online. It seems to me that this isn’t just an isolated feeling. It’s a rather pervasive feeling among people of the millennial generation.

We’re told all our lives: “When you grow up, you are going to go to college. Take these classes so it’ll look good on your college resume. Join this activity because you might get a scholarship for college.  College. College. College.” And then something happens. We GRADUATE from college. Suddenly all the things we’ve been working for our ENTIRE lives…

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