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30 Ways to Make Travel Awkward for Others

Originally posted on After Arrival.

As someone who was conceived on an airplane in the early 1980s, and had a father who was a top MD at American Airlines growing up, and an aviation nut, below are helpful hints to ensure everyone has a pleasant journey. Skip to the bottom for the relevant stuff. Okay, some suggestions are…

Demetrius Menge

obviously jokes, so enjoy. But seriously, take note:

  • (1) Spend the annual fee and join an airline club or ensure lounge access is an included benefit. The most miserable feeling is being stuck with animals and diseases that a germ-free airline club protects you from. And to know it exists behind a sliding glass door makes it more torturous. Don’t believe me? Read about Cathay Pacific’s approach to its new Tokyo Haneda Lounge. They designed it with being in your home living room in mind. Who wants to feel like you’re at an airport in an airport?

    And the lounge membership will pay for itself from all the duty-free you won’t be purchasing and premium spirits that are complimentary. Promise.

    (2) Does your luggage have wheels and you’re connecting? Check it. One less worry while you’re enjoying champs in the Concorde Room. Otherwise, I’ve managed 5 days in a weekender duffel – you should too. Always make sure you have a full set of clothing when luggage is checked.

    read more….

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