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Nick D’Aloisio | Summly

I strongly believe that one should not compare oneself to others and their journey. For starters, it typically results in feelings of depression, self disappointment, and all around unhappiness. On the other hand, it can also lead to mediocrity. If compared to others you’re doing well, that isn’t saying much if others are doing poorly. I hold myself to my own expectations aside from what others are doing. However, I like to know what individuals my age and older/younger are doing as a reminder that I’m capable of doing the same thing and/or more! So remember to take this as another reason to be motivated on Motivation Monday!


UK Teen, Nick D’Aloisio (19) is well known as the founder of Summly.

At the age of 16 D’Aloisio created Trimit. After receiving some funding and revamping the app he re-released it as Summly, an app that provides mobile friendly summaries of various news topics. It’s similar to Briefing and The Skimm, but unlike these two, Summly allows users to choose topics and provides them through your phone instead of adding to all of your emails. It’s more accessible and customizable. The app also contains additional digital media (i.e. animations) to make the experience more enjoyable. In 2013 D’Aloisio sold his company to Yahoo for $30 million.

Here’s a clip from Yahoo about his app selling journey.

Find out more about the company and job opportunities here. Check out Nick D’Aloisio’s interview with Entrepreneur and follow him on Twitter.

Know of any notable millennials? Share at or comment below.

G.U.M Team

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