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Grocery Rebate Apps

Due to my strong desire to master budgeting, I spent last weekend downloading grocery coupon apps (RetailMeNot, Saving Star, etc.) and rebate apps. I found one rebate app that I love and one that’s a great sidekick.

1. The sidekick

Every Wednesday, a new list of rebates is released. The rebate (typically anywhere from $0.25-1) applies to a product. It isn’t store specific.

The reason it’s the sidekick? Most of the rebates tend to be brand specific (i.e. Pledge Floorcare Product). Living on a budget means I may not be able to buy the brand item. A $1.50 rebate on a $10 brand item isn’t better than a $5 generic item. On my first receipt (Fourth of July weekend…we bought a lot of stuff) I was able to make $1.75.

2. The superhero

Though I’m not rolling in the rebate dough, the app offers a bit more than Checkout 51. The rebates are specific to certain stores, but many of them are found at multiple stores. Some rebates are brand specific, but many aren’t. Many of mine came from produce, ranch, etc. Also, Checkout 51 doesn’t offer a lot of rebates for produce. I’ve seen no more than two at a time.

From my first receipt I made $4.00. I missed a few items or it would have been $5.00. Once you make $10 you can cash out or choose a gift card from the listed vendors (Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, iTunes, and so forth).

So far both apps have shown potential. Hopefully I’ll be able to say the same a month from now. Find out more ibotta here and Checkout 51 here.

Have experience with these or similar apps? Share below or message us at

G.U.M Team

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