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Artists to Know: Ryn Weaver | EXCLUSIVE: Full review of Ryn Weaver’s debut album “The Fool”

Ryn Weaver, an indie artist that is on the rise. She is 22 and hungry for a chance to share her art with the world. Check out this review by Glenn Greenday on her debut album “The Fool.” Personally I’d say listening to “Octohate” is a must.

The Indiecept

by Glenn Greenday

Included in material provided to The Indiecept by former Musical Security Agency (MSA) leaker Edward Snowpatrol was an early copy of Ryn Weaver’s The Fool. Here is our track-by-track review:

The sound of the Ryn Weaver machine starting up. That’s what you hear at the beginning of “Runaway”, the opening track off The Fool, the anticipated debut album of the rising star born Erin Wüthrich. Like a sort of vocal warm-up, Weaver wails wordlessly over a staticky soundscape of digital delay and feedback that gives way to a lyrical leitmotif:

If it takes two
I’m betting on you
To hold me tight
When tides are high
What’ll you do?
I’m waiting on you
To dry these tears
You made my cry

This momentary vulnerability fades quickly into the tribal beat of the song “Runaway” proper, already a minute into the track. Perhaps the most sonically adventurous and surprising cut…

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