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Financial Tips from Chase

To kick off the first Financial Friday, here are a few tips from Chase.

Credit Utilization: If your credit limit were a meal, you wouldn’t want to eat it all at once. ‘Credit utilization’ refers to how much of your limit on your credit card you use up each month. So if your credit card company gives you an $8,000 limit, that doesn’t mean spend $8,000. Carrying less debt is better, because it shows lenders you’re responsible. ‘Financially, I don’t bloat’ is always a good line.

Credit Hangover: When your finances look like you on a Sunday morning. Aspirin is not the way out. Step 1. Set a budget and start selling some of your stuff online. Step 2. Consolidate your debt onto one card that you don’t have to pay interest on for a limited time — aka a 0% offer. Step 3. Breathe.

Credit Health: A good credit score isn’t just a number, it affects your life in a lot of ways. Think: getting a cheaper rate on your mortgage or your car loan. There’s a lot you can’t control (like Fed interest rates, markets etc), but you can control your credit score by carrying less debt and paying your bills on time. So break out your alarm you hate the least and set a reminder.

G.U.M Team

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