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Networking ‘Til it Hurts

The idea of having to be social in a formal manner is considered to be a challenge for millennials. Meeting with someone face to face is said to be almost unheard of. Well “they” were wrong. I did it, and it. Felt. Good.

No it didn’t. It hurt a little. I’m an ambivert, and when it comes to social interactions the introvert usually wins. Meeting up with people (in general) takes so much effort. For those who don’t have this issue, kudos!

I recommend doing it. Reach out to people. Send emails asking if individuals are willing to meet with you because you’d like to learn more about their profession of choice over a nice cup of joe. If they don’t respond in a week, send a follow-up email.

TIP: If you have never met the individual you wish to meet with, see if you have a mutual contact that could refer you. Be sure to include that in the subject line.

Networking isn’t that difficult.

Not sure how to draft the email so that it sounds professional? I’ve started the google search for you: here. Once they agree to meet, generate a short list of questions to have on hand. Be sure to send a thank you email after the meeting!

Now you have a new contact and a possible connection to your first/next job. You’re welcome.

Pizza, Netflix, and Happiness. Mei.

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