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Hello to my Fellow Millennials

Growing up can suck, but it doesn’t have to. Contrary to what some of our elders may believe, being a millennial isn’t always as easy as it’s said to be (though it is convenient). One thing that hasn’t changed from generation to generation: a lack of preparation for the real world. High school was a definite bust and college was somewhat helpful.

Hopefully this website can assist with that. Check out what other millennials are doing. You may find some of it helpful. Contribute by sharing your stories at and we’ll post them on our site. You can also add to the discussion by posting in the comment sections. Either way we’re glad you stopped by.

G.U.M Team


  1. I love this. Perfectly said. I always gripe about going to college right after graduating high school. I ended up aimlessly spending 4 years in a college only to graduate doing nothing justice studies or philosophy related. I really wish I took time off in between to explore myself and the world. Admittedly, I still don’t know what I want to do 6 years later, but a large part because I fear making a career transition and starting back at the bottom.


    P s thanks for all of the reblogs. You rock!


    • Thanks! Not a problem. You all have a great blog!

      Many of the college graduates that I know ended up in completely unrelated fields. Somehow I ended up actually working in the field in which I majored. Considering you’ve got experience in the workplace, you may end up moving from the bottom to the top quicker than you’d think! Nothing to fear but fear itself! I can’t wait to see what you all post about in the future.

      – Ja’Mei

      p.s. I believe there’s a nice message waiting for you in your gmail inbox!

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