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Calling All Opposite of Hipsters

I once googled, “what is the opposite of hipster,” because that is exactly what I am. Now, I know there’s this stereotype that hipsters always say, “I’m not a hipster.” I promise you, I am truly not one.

  • I’m never ahead of the times.
  • I don’t know what is cool or going on in the times.
  • My fashion is based on my mood, not whatever is actually in.

hipster peer pressureFOR THE RECORD: None of these things are due to rebellious reasons, this is just me. Hipstering seems cool, but I wouldn’t be any good at it.

Any who, I figured there has to be a word. I’m sure there are other people out there like me. All I needed was that word to bond me to my fellow “opposite of hipsters.”


Google gave me two: anti-hipster and metahipster. I decided to look up the meanings. Here’s what I found on urban dictionary (the source of all things hip):


Often mistaken as a hipster, but actually the complete opposite. (Surprisingly, this has happened to me).

Anti-hipsters can be difficult to describe because unlike an actual hipster, they do not have definite characteristics.

An anti-hipster may have heard the term hipster before, but being unfamiliar with labels, they wouldn’t know what a hipster actually is or how to spot one. (Yes.)

While hipsters are actually very unoriginal while claiming to be so very original, every anti-hipster is completely different from another. (I personally haven’t felt this way about hipsters. Are there any hipsters who agree?)

A hipster shops at Urban Outfitters, an anti-hipster gets their clothes from a number of places. They may make them, find them, steal them, or just buy them from any store they please, because they are not concerned with labels, which actually means they arent anti-hipsters. They probably aren’t anything. (This is true for me, but I do still shop at Urban Outfitters from time to time. I don’t know if hipsters really only shop at Urban Outfitters. That might be a stretch.)

Usually spotted with a group of almost-hipsters or by themselves, the anti-hipster is a rare sighting. (By myself. For sure. The few friends that I do hang around are neither hipster nor anti-hipster).

There was one more definition about liking stuff when it’s no longer cool. To read that one check out Urban Dictionary.


A subgenre of hipster that constantly satirizes stereotypical hipster behavior. Completely incomprehensible to normal people, irritating and awkward to normal hipsters. Can be genuine, trolls, or both.

I am not a meta-hipster. 

To read more on this word, click here.

Apparently metahipster is like being such a cool hipster than you’re beyond hipster. I am definitely not that cool.

IT’S OFFICIAL. I’M AN ANTI-HIPSTER, and that’s a-okay with me. Comment and tell us what you are!

The Anti-hipster

The Meta-hipster




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