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What’sa Motto With You?

For those of you who are cultured, you know that line is from Lion King. If not, perhaps you’re familiar with the phrase Hakuna Matata (what a wonderful phrase). Hakuna Matata ain’t no passing craze. It means no worries, for the rest of your days.

It’s my problem free philosophy. Hakuna Matata.

I’m not sorry. I had to do it!

A lot has happened in the past month. There have been race issues, nude photos leaking (gender issues), and inappropriate rape tweets (sexual issues). I’m going to keep my response short and simple. Why do these things matter? Race, gender, sexuality. Honestly, they shouldn’t.

By that I mean, these are all important things. Many people have branches of their identity that stem from some or all of them. However, my race, gender, sexuality, and so forth should NOT BE A PROBLEM. They are not harmful to anyone and therefore should not be a problem.

Perhaps the terms I’m putting this in are too simple, however I’m failing to understand any logic that claims they have the right to be offended by my identity. To that I say, that’s their personal choice. Don’t get me wrong, there are some identities that can be offensive. Identifying as a “insert minority group” hating Nazi is offensive, for obvious reasons. Identifying as a German is not. 

People love to complicate things, but half the time it’s super simple. Get over your sense of entitlement and the world will keep spinning just fine. You are not entitled to shoot a young man because he is large and has a darker skin. You are not entitled to have sex with someone if they have not consented. You are not entitled to see someone’s naked body simply because they are a woman and famous. It does not matter how attractive you think they are. Also, in general, you are not entitled to see a person’s naked body because they are famous.

This entitlement has contributed to the shame and humiliation that individuals feel regarding their identities that fall within the “Other” category. No one should be made to feel ashamed of their race, their culture, their body, their gender, and so forth. All of these things are beautiful, the female body included. Though one should be allowed to choose if one wishes to share any facet of one’s identity, one should not be ashamed when one does. Unless you’re a Nazi. Please don’t share that with anyone.

I leave you with this:

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