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Think Outside the Box? Ha!…I Didn’t Even See One

“Think outside the box” is a very popular phrase. One that I usually pride myself on. I tend to find ways to get creative beyond the confines set by a given situation…outside the box.

Then this summer occurred. I’m working on a film project and my program instructor wants me to recreate the rough cut that I handed in. He presented me with a simple solution that would allow me to do so without reshooting. 

I won’t bore you with the details, but long story short, the mission was accomplished. What blew my mind about the experience was, he wasn’t thinking outside the box. There was no box, in his mind, to begin with.

This may seem like a lot of confusing babbling, but basically what I’m saying is…

Instead of “thinking outside the box,” throw the phrase away. Ignore the confines of society — unless it’s a legal restriction that will cause you to go to jail — and institutions. Or in my case, GET OUT of YOUR own WAY. You never know, your creativity may surprise you.


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