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Ambivalence: Senior Year

Oooooh senior year. It is slowly approaching and my mixed emotions (ambivalence) continue to grow.

Being a film student, there is something that I was told by many alumni and professionals…

While all of my business student friends (and by that I mean…the students in the business school whose names I happen to know from one class we had together) are running off to their post-grad jobs that they solidified before senior year began…

For us in the film community, odds are, we won’t have a job on graduation day. To make matters worse, it’s not our fault. We don’t have control over it. It is just how the industry works.

Some people may read this and think:

That’s not true, the company I interned with just offered me a job. You are the exception. CONGRATU-frickin-LATIONS. No but really, Congratulations! That’s pretty darn awesome. You truly are one of few.

Needless to say, if you have connections from heavily networking or a family friend happens to be someone with a lot of power, use them as a resource or connection to a post-grad job!!!

For any of you type-A personalities, like myself, who enjoy having control over a situation or following steps to get to a guaranteed end point…BREATH. This is an unfortunate reality, but IT WILL BE OK.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do during your senior year:

1. Network!

Reach out to alumni, friends, family, and professionals at companies you are interested in working at!

2. Research Companies

Before reaching out, you should definitely research the types of companies that you would be interested in working for.

3. Research Housing & Transportation

Find out how much money you’ll probably end up spending post-grad. Especially if you don’t plan to return home to your guardians/parents.

4. Enhance your skills & expertise

Find out what skills and expertise are essential for your career of interest.

5. Get/Continue to be involved!

Participate in a number of activities during your last year. Partake in experiences that you may not be able to have after graduation.

BONUS: Enjoy! Have fun during your senior year. I’ve heard from recent grads and older grads that there were a number of things they wish they had done during their senior year. The number one thing being, simply enjoying it and the “less responsibilities” part. So make time for fun. This is a good habit to start, because you should also make time for fun in your post-grad life. Take advantage of the easy…or easier… opportunity to do so now!

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